Terms and Conditions

These are lodged and part of the licence issued by CHESHIRE WEST AND CHESTER COUNCIL Security information lodged with Cheshire Police and Cheshire Fire Bregade.

1. By attending doggie day boarding or kennels or using any of PlayDog Mansion Services you agree to all terms and conditions detailed below. You agree it is your responsibility to keep abreast of all changes to these conditions and will sign a declaration agreeing this on your enrolment form.

2. All other services must be paid for at the time they are rendered. Fees not paid on time will be liable to a 5% late payment charge. Fees can be paid via bank transfer or cash only at reception. All bookings require a 25% deposit at time of booking and balance paid in full 14 day prior to boarding date. Any bookings that are cancelled between 14 days and 48 hours before start date will be reimbursed 50% of payment but all bookings cancelled within 48 hours will be kept in full. Refunds will not be given for early collections from our day boarding or full boarding.

3. PlayDog Mansion holds public liability insurance: – This does not cover any injury incurred by a dog in our care through interaction with other dogs, however the injury occurred.

4. If an incident occurs, PlayDog Mansion staff will give dogs concerned a cursory examination. However, PlayDog Mansion are not trained veterinarians and will not be liable for the treatment, diagnosis or location of any injury sustained on the premises. If your dog is involved in a known incident at PlayDog Mansion you will be informed and the decision to seek veterinary care is at your discretion and cost.

5. PlayDog Mansion strongly advises insurance for all pets to cover any injury/illness regardless of where incident may occur.

6. In the event of an animal requiring urgent/emergency veterinary attention PlayDog Mansion will seek veterinary advice and any or all treatment will be at your cost. You agree to reimburse PlayDog Mansion for any additional fees arising from emergency care including (but not limited to) housing, food, supplies and transportation.

7. PlayDog Mansion will not tolerate unruly, untrained or aggressive dogs. In admitting your dog to our PlayDog Mansion you are confirming they are in good health, have had no communicable diseases in the last 30 days and shown no signs of aggression towards a person or dog.

8. Collars must be worn always with full identification tags as required by law. Containing the name and telephone of owners. PlayDog Mansion Tag must also be worn.

9. All dogs must enter and leave PlayDog Mansion premises on a lead and at no time must be loose on the premises including the parking area.

10. All children under 14 years of age must remain in their vehicles on the PlayDog Mansion car park and are not allowed on the yard area or in reception for health and safety reasons.

11. All dogs must have up to date standard vaccinations including the Kennel Cough vaccine and standard yearly vaccinations and documentation registered on arrival, and must be flea free and wormed prior to arriva.


12. Photographs and videos of dogs while in PlayDog Mansion care maybe used in promotional material or posted to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. By using our services, you accept and authorise all use.

13. PlayDog Mansion will not be held liable to the injury, death, disappearance or fines accrued by any animal in their care unless falling under the requirement for public liability insurance.

14. All dogs are walked on lead and PlayDog Mansion require written authorisation to allow them off lead. It is your responsibility to provide appropriate leads/collars which are correctly fitted.

15. PlayDog Mansion do not accept any liability for items left with your dog during their stay. We recommend labelling all articles with your dogs’ name and surname to help prevent misplacement.

16. If medication is to be administered to dogs in our care, full details of dosage and direction must be written on your booking in form upon arrival. You accept that medications will not be dispensed by a veterinary professional or anyone who holds such qualifications. A medication form must also be signed.

17. Dogs at play during the regular doggy day boarding day can get dirty or wet, PlayDog Mansions staff will towel off dogs but you can book for your dog to be groomed and bathed by our grooming staff at a discounted grooming rate.

18. Excessively long claws can cause injury during play. If your dog’s claws are deemed too long by PlayDog mansions staff you will be told about it. If you require to have then trimmed our grooming staff can do them at the standard cost of £4.00.

19. PlayDog Mansion does accept dogs entire and bitches in season, as long as told by the owner. Puppies under 6 months are also accepted.

20. If at any time at doggy day boarding or boarded a dog is noticed to have fleas or ticks PlayDog Mansion will provide a treatment at the cost of £20, the products use is vet supplied.

21. In admitting your dog to our PlayDog Mansion you are confirming they are in good health, have had no communicable diseases in the last 30 days and shown no signs of aggression towards a person or dog.

22. For opening times for doggy day boarding and Kennelling drop offs please see times on the appropriate page.

23. PlayDog Mansion closes promptly at 6.00pm. Any dog that is not collected by this time will be invoiced for the overnight fee. The dog will not be able to be collected until the following day.

24. By attending doggy day boarding you are of the understanding your dog will be sharing the exercise area with other dogs from different households. In the event of injury or illness PlayDog Mansion and Cheshire West and Chester Council will not be held responsible. All reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure your dog’s safety and wellbeing whilst in our care.

25. In admitting your dog to our kennels or doggy day boarding you are confirming they are in good health, have had no communicable diseases in the last 30 days and shown no signs of aggression towards a person or dog.

26. All dogs must have an up to date overnight enrolment form on file with PlayDog Mansion including emergency contacts.

27. At PlayDog Mansion we do feed, but only dry food. It is recommended that you bring your own food so your dog stays on their same diet as at home. If your dog is fed raw food, we do provide refrigeration and freezing.

28. However, should you choose to provide your dog’s regular food we ask it to come in a rodent proof container with use-by dates clearly visible. We also require that enough food be provided for the whole of your dog’s stay with us.

29. Family parties up to three dogs from the same home PlayDog Mansion accept no liability for injury occurred from one family dog to another while staying with us.

30. We request that you don’t bring your dog’s own bed to our facility. The beds we have available are designed to suit each kennel and run. However, if you would like to bring a blanket or a familiar toy from home, we are happy to let your dogs have them during their stay. All property should be securely name tagged though PlayDog Mansion do not accept any liability for items lost/stolen or damaged in our care.

31. Dogs not collected 7 days after their departure date will be considered abandoned and the dog warden will be contacted. In this case the dog warden will advise if we can re-home from our site or take the dog into the local authority’s care.