Day Boarding

Our doggy day boarding gives you, the owner the peace of mind that your family member is in the best hands possible. We have been around dogs all of our lives, we have our own precious pooches, so we know how important it is that you have confidence and the belief that all is well with your dog whilst it is in our care. As well as being well looked after, you can rest assured they will be happy here being stimulated, kept active, with rest and relaxation time and if requested groomed and pampered.

PlayDog Mansion has the full support of, and 24 hour coverage from Holly Bank Veterinary Centre.


Our state of the art dog boarding hotel provides your family member with all the luxury and comfort they deserve. From our experience no dog is the same and therefore PlayDog Mansion has been built with this in mind. For the more independent pooch there are comfortable and spacious rooms with a large bed and an individual outside covered play area overlooking the large play fields, we found the dogs that preferred these rooms are the go getters, the rabbit chasers, the fun loving individuals used to larger areas to come and go as they please.

We also have another choice of room available for the more delicate doggies who require or are used to more hands on attention, the city slickers, the chic apartment types or those who love to get about in the newest designer handbag. Each luxury room has a large area to play and to sleep there is a comfortable bed plus we are here to take these gorgeous dogs out for plenty of walks in our play areas.

For both style of suite we are always on hand 24 hours a day to give every type of dog the love care and attention they deserve.

PlayDog Mansion has the full support of, and 24hour coverage from Holly Bank Veterinary Centre.