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PlayDog Mansion is the realisation of a dream and the result of a lifelong passion for owner Sally-Ann Rose. As a child until getting married, her parents Tom and Beryl Littler ran Witsend Kennels and Sally-Ann was brought up with dogs, cats, horses, goats and her donkey Henry.

PlayDog Mansion has been created from two steel frame farm buildings at the family residence and through a diligent and detailed planning process working with Council, permission was granted for a live work venture to convert into a house and boarding kennels to include full luxury holiday boarding, small day boarding, and dog beauty parlour, also in the future expansion will include similar facilities for your feline companions.

PlayDog Mansion is situated in the heart of the Cheshire countryside and sits in an 18 acre site along with lots of local walks including going to the local pub if requested.

PlayDog Mansion is committed to being a small exclusive establishment that provides boarding kennels and day boarding units. Unlike other large locally run establishments, here at PlayDog Mansion small dogs will not be intimidated but nurtured and protected.

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